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  • By default, the experience required to level up each skill increases each level until level 1000. After level 1000, each additional level requires 20000 experience. By default there is no level cap.
  • There are 10 abilities, which can be activated as follows:
    1. Big Dig: Activated by right clicking a shovel then breaking a block. Increases dig speed drastically.
    2. Timber: Activated by right clicking an axe then cutting a log. Will cause all logs above to break.
    3. Berserk Pick: Activated by right clicking a pickaxe then breaking a block. Will increase mining speed drastically.
    4. Natural Regeneration: Activated by right clicking a hoe then breaking a crop. Automatically replants all crops at a random growth stage.
    5. Super Bait: Activated by left clicking a fishing rod then fishing. Fish are instantly pulled out of the water, without waiting to get a bite.
    6. Rapid Fire: Activated by left clicking a bow. Arrow shots come out at maximum speed no matter how far the bow is pulled back.
    7. Spur Kick: Activated by right clicking most items while on a horse then left clicking most items. Grants your horse a temporary speed boost.
    8. Swift Strikes: Activated by right clicking a sword then hitting an entity. Your swings no longer have a cooldown.
    9. Stone Solid: Activated by right clicking with an empty hand then hitting an entity. Grants resistance at the cost of being slowed down.
    10. Great Axe: Activated by right clicking an axe then hitting an entity. Your attacks become an AOE strike that deals damage in a certain radius.
  • By default, tokens are earned as follows:
    1. 1000 total levels = 1 global token
    2. 100 skill levels = 1 skill token
    3. 1 skill level = 1 passive token
      • In addition, your passive skills (dyes) increase by 1 level every level up


SkillHow to earn experience
DiggingBreaking blocks (like dirt and sand) with a shovel
WoodcuttingCutting down trees and mushrooms, breaking leaves
MiningMining ores, stones, obsidian, etc.
FarmingBreaking crops, killing passive animals, breeding animals, using a composter, etc.
FishingFishing using a fishing rod, killing fish
ArcheryShooting entities, killing entities with a bow
Beast MasteryTaming animals, riding horses, fighting with dogs
SwordsmanshipFighting with swords, killing entities with swords
DefenseTaking damage, killing entities, crafting armor
Axe MasteryFighting with axes, killing entities with axes
RepairRepairing items by right clicking an iron block, salvaging items by sneak-right clicking a gold block
AgilitySprinting around, taking fall damage
AlchemyBrewing potions, drinking/using potions
SmeltingSmelting items in a furnaces, blast furnace, smoker, etc.
EnchantingEnchanting items, getting minecraft XP naturally

Once a skill tree is complete, any skill token earned increases your passive tokens instead. By default, the increase is +50 passive tokens per skill token.


GathererN/A1+20% EXP earned in Digging, Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, and Fishing
ScholarN/A1+20% EXP earned in Archery, Beast Mastery, Swordsmanship, Defense, and Axe Mastery
FighterN/A1+20% EXP earned in Repair, Agility, Alchemy, Smelting, and Enchanting
Hard WorkGatherer 1+1 skill token  in Digging, Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, and Fishing
ResearchScholar1+1 skill token in Archery, Beast Mastery, Swordsmanship, Defense, and Axe Mastery
TrainingFighter1+1 skill token in Repair, Agility, Alchemy, Smelting, and Enchanting
Soul HarvestingGatherer, Scholar, Fighter, Hard Work, Research, Training1Aggressive mobs will not give souls. 250 souls can be used to refund a skill tree. Refunding a skill tree will refund all passive and skill tokens invested in that skill tree, without changing the skill level.
Reincarnation+Soul Harvesting1On death, 50% chance to keep some of each valuable items on death.“Valuable” items are any item contained in this list:
For each item in the list, you have a 50% chance to keep any of it. After that, you keep a uniformly random amount of the number of items in the stack (ex. If you had 8 diamonds, you may keep 30% ~ 3 diamonds).
AvatarSoul Harvesting110% chance to nullify a killing blow and grant all ingame buffs for 10s. This will save you in virtually every case.
Master of the ArtsReincarnation+, Avatar1All ability cooldowns are decreased by 33.3333%

Once the global skill tree is complete, any global token earned increases your total EXP multiplier instead. By default, the increase is +1% EXP per global token.


Big Dig DurationN/AN/AIncreased length of the Big Dig ability by 0.02s
Treasure ChanceN/A2400Increases chance of finding treasure by 0.005%
Mo’ DropsN/A5Unlocks a new drop.The new drops (by default) are:Level 1: Gold IngotLevel 2: Name tagLevel 3: Music discLevel 4: Horse ArmorLevel 5: Diamond
Double TreasureN/A5+5% chance of receiving double treasure drop whenever receiving treasure
Rarer DropsMo’ DropsLevel 25Unlocks a new drop.The new drops (by default) are:Level 1: EmeraldLevel 2: Enchanted BookLevel 3: Dragon BreathLevel 4: Totem of UndyingLevel 5: Nether Star
Soul StealerDouble TreasureLevel 25Soul sand is +5% more likely to drop treasure per level (this additively stacks with treasure chance)
Flint FinderRarer DropsLevel 21Gravel has 100% chance to drop flint
Shovel KnightSoul StealerLevel 21Shovels do double damage
Mega Dig10 invested digging skill tokens total1When using your ability, a 3×3 grid is broken instead of 1 block. (20% of normal treasure chance)


Timber DurationN/AN/AIncreases length of the Timber ability by 0.02s
Double DropsN/A2000Increases chance for logs to double drop by 0.05%
Zealous RootsN/A5Logs effectively drop +0.2 XP (minecraft experience) each level
Fresh ArmsN/A5+12s of Haste I when breaking a log for the first time in 5 minutes each level (max 60s)
Hidden KnowledgeZealous RootsLevel 25+0.2% chance/level to receive an enchanted book from breaking a log
Leaf ScavengerFresh ArmsLevel 25Leaves drop table is increased (when broken by hand)By default, the drops are:Level 1: featherLevel 2: gold nuggetLevel 3: golden appleLevel 4: experience bottleLevel 5: enchanted golden apple
Timber+Hidden KnowledgeLevel 21Timber break limit increases from 64 to 128This will allow for breaking of most jungle trees 
Leaf BlowerLeaf ScavengerLevel 21Holding right click on an axe will now destroy leaves instantly.
Able Axe10 invested woodcutting skill tokens total1Double Drops, Zealous Roots, and Hidden Knowledge now apply to Timber at half effectiveness. I.e a 20% double drop chance will be 10%.


Berserk Pick DurationN/AN/AIncreases length of Berserk Pick ability by 0.02s
Double DropsN/A2000Increases chance of receiving double drops from ores
Blast MiningN/A10000Increases chances to receive extra ores from TNT explosions by 0.01% per levelRolled 10 times per explosion, not based on the number of blocks destroyed.
Wasteless HasteN/A5Gain Haste after mining an oreLevel 1: 2s of Haste ILevel 2: 5s of Haste ILevel 3: 10s of Haste ILevel 4: 5s of Haste II, then 5s of Haste ILevel 5:  10s of Haste II
More BombsN/A5+1 TNT crafted when crafting TNT per level
Treasure SeekerWasteless HasteLevel 25+1% chance per level of receiving extra ores dropped when mining per level. Extra ores drop with the following likelihoods:50%: Coal20%: Iron Ore10%: Gold ORe9%: Redstone5%: Emerald5%: Lapis Lazuli1%: Diamond0.1%: Netherite Scrap
Bomb-boyageMore BombsLevel 25TNT blast radius increases by roughly 20% each level
Vein MinerTreasure SeekerLevel 21Ore veins break instantly when mined
Demolition ManBomb-boyageLevel 21No damage is taken from tnt explosions (creepers should still do damage)
Triple Trouble10 invested mining skill tokens total1All double drops are converted into triple drops


Natural Regeneration DurationN/AN/AIncreases length of Natural Regeneration ability by 0.02s
Double Drops (Crops)N/A2000Increases chance of receiving double drops from crops
Double Drops (Animals)N/A2000Increases chance of receiving double drops from killing animals (most passive mobs, like pigs, cows, sheep, etc.)
Better FertilizerN/A5+10% chance per level to not consume bonemeal (up to 50%)
Animal FarmN/A5Ability to craft animal spawn eggsThe spawn eggs are as follows:Level 1: CowsLevel 2: BeesLevel 3: MooshroomLevel 4: HorsesLevel 5: Slime
Farmer’s DietBetter FertilizerLevel 25Farm food restores +20% hunger and saturation per levelA list of “farm food” can be found here:
CarnivoreAnimal FarmLevel 25Meat food restore s +20% hunger and saturation per levelA list of “meat food” can be found here:
Green ThumbFarmer’s DietLevel 21Crops replanted by natural regeneration can now be fully grown including melons/pumpkins (melons/pumpkins have 50% chance to be fully grown)
Growth HormonesCarnivoreLevel 21Baby animals can be instantly grown using sugar
One with Nature10 invested farming skill tokens total1Gain Regeneration 1 when standing still on a grass block.


Super Bait DurationN/AN/AIncreases length of Natural Regeneration ability by 0.02s
Double catchesN/A2000Increases chance to receive a double drop by 0.05%
Treasure FinderN/A2000Decreases chance of finding junk by 0.005%Increases chance of finding treasure by 0.005%
RobN/A5+15% chance to pull an item off a mob per level.What can be pulled off each mob is can be found in this code:
ScavengerN/A5Unlocks Tiered treasures each level.A list of all default items in each tier can be found here:
Fisherman’s DietRobLevel 25Fish restore +20% hunger and saturation per level.A list of “fish” can be found here:
FiltrationFiltrationLevel 25Higher Tier Loot because more common, Lower Tier loot becomes less common.There are MANY cases for what the distribution could look like.
Grappling HookScavengerLevel 21Fishing rods now act as grappling hooks (can still fish with them)
Hot RodFisherman’s DietLevel 21Changes some of the drops in the fishing tables. See the pastebin link in “Scavenger”
Fish Person10 invested fishing skill tokens total1Permanent night vision and dolphin’s grace buffs when in the water


Rapid Fire DurationN/AN/AIncreases length of the Rapid Fire ability by 0.02s
RetrievalN/A2000+0.05% chance for shots to not consume an arrows
Extra ArrowsN/A5+1 arrow gained from crafting arrows
SniperN/A5Arrow speed increases by 2% per level, Arrow damage increases by ~4% per level (up to 20% damage increase)
Arrow of LightExtra ArrowsLevel 25Spectral arrows do 5% more damage per level (up to 25% damage increase)
Explosive ArrowsSniperLevel 25Arrows have a +1% chance of creating an explosion on impact per level
Dragon-less ArrowsArrow of LightLevel 21Can now craft all tipped arrows with regular potions as opposed to lingering potions
Crossbow Rapid LoadExplosive ArrowsLevel 21Crossbows load instantly while ability is active
Deadly Strike10 invested Archery skill tokens total1Fireworks from crossbows deal double damage


Spur Kick DurationN/AN/AIncreases length of the Spur Kick ability by 0.02s
Critical BiteN/A4000Increases chance for a dog to deal a critical hit by 0.0025%.Critical hits deal 1.5x damage.
Thick FurN/A5Dogs take -10% damage every level (up to 50% less damage)
Sharp TeethN/A5Dogs deal +10% damage every level (up to 50% more damage)
Healthy BitesThick FurLevel 25Dogs heal +1 damage every level (up to 5 damage = 2 ½ hearts)
Keep AwaySharp TeethLevel 25Dogs have a +5% chance of dealing extra knockback to foes (up to 25% chance)
Acro-DogHealthy BitesLevel 21Dogs no longer take fall damage
IdentifyKeep AwayLevel 21Using a compass on a horse and a wolf will now display their stats in chat
Adrenaline Boost10 invested Beast Mastery skill tokens total1Spur Kick speed buff goes from speed II to speed III


Swift Strikes DurationN/AN/AIncreases length of Swift Strikes ability by 0.02s
Double HitN/A5000Increases chance to hit mob twice (second hid does 50% damage) by 0.02%The second hit does additional knockback.
AdrenalineN/A5Killings a hostile mob with a sword provides +2 s of speed I per level
Killing SpreeN/A5Killings a hostile mob with a sword provides +2 s of strength I per level
Adrenaline+AdrenalineLevel 25+20% of the speed I buff from adrenaline is now speed II.The speed II is given immediately after the kill, and eventually changes to speed I if applicable
Killing FrenzyKilling SpreeLevel 25+20% of the strength I buff from killing spree is now strength II.The strength II is given immediately after the kill, and eventually changes to strength I if applicable
Thirst for BloodAdrenaline+Level 21Killing some aggressive mobs with a sword restores hunger.A list of mobs can be found here:
Sharper!Killing FrenzyLevel 21Swift Strikes ability now adds 1 level of sharpness to your sword (no maximum)
Sword Mastery10 invested Swordsmanship skill tokens total1All swords permanently do +2 damage (+1 heart)


Stone Solid DurationN/AN/AIncreases length of Stone Solid ability by 0.02s
Hard BodyN/A9990Increases chance to take reduced damage by 0.01% per level.Damage is reduced by 33.3%
Double Drops (Hostile Mobs)N/A2000Increases chance to receive double drops from aggressive mobs by 0.05%
HealerN/A5Gain +3s of regeneration I buff per level on kills
StiffenN/A5+2% chance to gain resistance I buff for 5s when hit (up to 10% chance)
Hard HeadedHealerLevel 25Hard body decreases damage by an additional 6.6% per level (up an additional 33.3% subtraction for a total of 66.6% reduced damage)
Stiffen+StiffenLevel 25+2% chance to gain resistance II buf for 5s when hit (up to 10% chance)This is rolled before resistance I buff from stiffen, and if it fails stiffen can still succeed
Gift From AboveHard HeadedLevel 21Stone solid ability now grants 4 absorption hearts for the length of the ability + 1 minute
Stronger LegsStiffen+Level 21Stone solid now gives slowness I instead of slowness IV
Hearty10 invested defense skill tokens total1+2 Hearts permanently. This adds 2 hearts to the baseHP value defined in the config by the server admin.


Great Axe DurationN/AN/AGreat Axe ability duration increased by 0.02s
Divine CritsN/A10000Increase chance for random crits by 0.01%. These crits are 1.25x, activate randomly and stack multiplicatively with normal crits.
Greater AxeN/A5Great Axe ability radius increased by 1 block per level
Holy AxeN/A5+2% chance for lightning to strike mobs hit by an axe per level (up to 10% chance)
RevitalizedGreater AxeLevel 25Revitalized +1% chance for a full heal on kill per level (up to 5% chance)
Warrior BloodHoly AxeLevel 25+3s of strength I per level on kills with an axe (up to 15s of strength I)
EarthquakeRevitalizedLevel 21AOE damage from ability is increased from 25% to 50% of damage dealt
Better CritsWarrior BloodLevel 21Divine Crits now have a 1.6x multiplier instead of 1.25x.
Axe Man10 invested Axe Mastery skill tokens total1Axes permanently do +2 damage (+1 heart)


ProficiencyN/AN/AMaterials restore more durability on repair.The percentage repaired differs for every item you repair, but the durability repaired increases linearly with repair level in all cases.
SalvagingN/A5Gain more materials from salvaging on averageLevel 5: Enchantments on salvaged items are now stored in a book when salvaging
ResourcefulSalvagingLevel 25+10% chance of keeping materials when repairing (up to 50% chance).Experience is still gained when materials are saved.You need at least one of the corresponding repair material in your inventory to attempt to repair an item.
Magic Repair Mastery10 invested repair skill tokens total1Enchants on an item are guaranteed to be kept upon repair.Without this perk, every enchant on the repaired item will decrease by one level when attempting to repair.


RollN/AN/AChance to roll and take reduced fall damage, increases every level
Steel BonesN/A5+4% chance to dodge attacks (no damage taken) per level (Up to 20% dodge chance)
ResourcefulSteel BonesLevel 25-10% fall damage taken per level (up to -50% fall damage).This stacks additively with roll, at max level no fall damage will be taken on rolls.
Graceful Feet10 invested agility skill tokens total1Permanent speed I buff. This can be overwritten with a better speed buff. The refresh rate on the speed I buff is rather slow to prevent server overload, so it may take some time to regain your speed I buff after a speed II buff ends.This can be worked around by toggling graceful feet on and off immediately after a speed II buff ends.


Half-life+N/AN/AIncreases duration of potions when used. This has no cap.
Alchemical SummoningN/A5Gain the ability to craft new potions in a crafting table.Level 1: Water breathingLevel 2: SpeedLevel 3: Fire ResistanceLevel 4: Healing PotionLevel 5: Strength Potion
Ancient KnowledgeAlchemical SummoningLevel 25Unlocks new potion brewing recipes:Level 1: Hero of the Village (Ingredient: Emerald)Level 2: Mining Fatigue (Ingredient: Slimeball)Level 3: Haste (Ingredient: Clock)Level 4: Wither (Ingredient: Poisonous Potato)Level 5: Resistance (Ingredient: Golden Apple)
Brewing custom potions is a bit finicky, you need to left click the appropriate item into the brewing stand (no shift click/right click drop). 
All potions can be upgraded/extended and made into splash/lingering.
Potion Master10 invested alchemy skill tokens total1All potion effects are increased in level by 1.
This effect occurs when you drink the potion, not when you brew it.It should not apply for negative buffs such as poison.


Fuel SpeedN/AN/AIncreases cooking speed. This has no cap but it is asymptotic.In other words, going from +0% to +100% reduces the time by ½ , but going from +100% to +200% only reduces the time by ⅙.(Diminishing returns)
Fuel EfficiencyN/A5Fuel lasts +20% longer per level (up to 100% longer).In other words, if coal burns 8 blocks, at +100% fuel length, it will burn through 16 blocks.
Double SmeltFuel EfficiencyLevel 25+5% chance for smelted ore to be doubled (up to +25%).The doubling occurs when the item is smelted in the furnace, not when the items are taken out.
Flame Pickaxe10 invested smelting skill tokens total1Mined ores are instantly smelted, as well as a few other blocks turn into their “cooked” variant.All effected blocks are listed in this code chunk:


Quicker DevelopmentN/AN/AAll minecraft XP gained is increased.Consequently, the XP you drop on death is decreased, to prevent suicide to increase XP gain.
Efficient EnchantingN/A5Levels needed to enchant and repair are decreased by 1 XP level per level.Anvils have a minimum cost of 2 levels.This currently does not work for renaming items.
BooksmartEfficient EnchantingLevel 25Unlocks the ability to craft enchantment books.Level 1: Power I and Efficiency ILevel 2: Sharpness I and Protection ILevel 3: Luck of the Sea I and Lure ILevel 4: Frost Walker I and Depth Strider ILevel 5:Mending and Fortune I
Immortal Experience10 invested enchanting skill tokens total1Keep experience on death turned on for the player



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